ToolBox CD helps investors and Realtors....

This is The 1031 Exchange Experts’ 100th Tee-Shot! And to celebrate, we have just released a brand new tool for Realtors® and investors. The CD-Rom is called, 'The Real Estate Investor’s ToolBox™' and is useful in many ways. Many investors are learning more about real estate, and professionals are passing it onto others with their business cards inserted. The ToolBox CD is a compliment to the ‘Cool Tools’ CD released earlier this year.

100th Edition!!“It’s a great real estate investing tool,” says Mike King, an online real estate trainer. “It is very professionally done, and the price makes it even better!” The ToolBox CD-Rom is free.

Simplicity is beautiful.
It’s just point-and-click (it’s THAT easy!), and it never becomes obsolete because it updates automatically online. The tools include an online Tax Calculator, a place to feature YOUR properties-for-sale on the internet, a practical 1031 contract addendum, an 'Ask-A-1031Expert' email button, a bookstore of 1031 resources, a searchable archive of 1031 articles and news, downloadable 1031 brochures, and more.

A bonus tool in the ToolBox is a 28-minute Flash presentation of “The 6 Things You Need To Know About 1031 Exchanges” narrated by exchange expert Tracey Wilson. Most people have to pay for a class like this, but The Experts have included it as a bonus with the free CD-Rom. Those who have taken the live version of the 6 Things class already know what a great presenter Wilson is. “I like to make the complex simple,” said Wilson about his easy-to-grasp style.

The animation in the presentation illustrates the concepts and makes them even more accessible and comprehensible. It’s perfect for learning at your own computer, or for projecting onto a screen for groups. And the humor keeps the viewers engaged!

The assortment of tools in the ToolBox make the CD valuable. Users can click a button to speak to a 1031 expert immediately. Another button lets real estate professionals and investors actually START a 1031 exchange in seconds with just a few keystrokes.

The useful tools in the ToolBox are for both real estate pros AND real estate investors alike. To receive a free CD-Rom of The Real Estate Investor’s ToolBox™, simply reply to this Tee-Shot with your name, phone number and mailing address. Or call us right now and we'll get yours in the mail to you today: 866-694-0204.

--The Experts

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