1031 Resources: TaxPak 2022 & 2023


1031TaxPakTM provides you with the documents necessary to report your exchange to The IRS.

The Experts' 1031TaxPak includes worksheets to help you compile the information required to complete the IRS form, examples showing how to complete the worksheet and a detailed discussion of what the IRS is looking for on each line of the tax form.


1031TaxPak 2024for tax-year 2023

1031TaxPak 2023for tax-year 2022


I want to commend your firm for the fine written materials received at the end of the process. Federal form 8824 is not crystal clear and the instructions are at best murky. Your 1031TaxPak and related worksheets make the process of completing 8824 comprehensible and actually interesting(!) as questions which are hard to articulate are stated clearly and then answered. Thank you for delivering such effective service and outstanding support.

Jim Hirsh
1031 Investor

I just received your TaxPak. Thanks very much.

Rob LeVine

"I used your tax worksheet and booklet. It was a great help."

Nick Russo
1031 Investor

Beyond the substantial tax advantages, dealing with The 1031 Exchange Experts was an excellent experience. The knowledgeable staff was always accessible. They enthusiastically educated me about every step of the process and executed my Reverse Exchange with the utmost professionalism. The final step of tax preparation is greatly facilitated by the articulate and well-formatted 1031TaxPak.

Thank you one and all.
Diane Miller,
1031 Investor