How to choose an expert

Hi Gary-

Jay and I would like to personally thank you for a great class. We appreciated your candor and straightforwardness and sharing your knowledge with us.

Heather and Jay
RE/MAX Brokers

"What many QIs don't want you to know..."

What kind of service will your QI provide you? You should look for a QI with knowledgeable professionals who are accessible before, during and after your exchange, around the clock, at no extra charge. Your QI should also be available and qualified to assist any broker, title agent, attorney or accountant who may be involved in your exchange. And you should choose a QI that will provide you with unparalleled service features like the 1031TaxPak, to guide you through the exchange process.

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What should you know when choosing a QI to handle your exchange?

Who are you dealing with? Is your exchange going to be handled by CPAs and tax and accounting professionals who are experienced in structuring 1031 exchanges? If you aren't dealing with experts, you could be risking the loss of thousands of dollars in tax liability — and trouble with the IRS.

What kind of security does the QI offer? Your funds should be held in insured escrow accounts. Your QI should not jeopardize your money by commingling your funds with the other exchange clients, or with the QI's own funds. Don't put your trust in a QI that doesn't offer you a security package like The Experts' Safe Guards.

Will your QI stand behind its work? Many QI s will make you sign a waiver, meaning if they make a mistake, you can't hold the QI responsible. You should only trust a QI that is willing to stand behind its work.

Steve Theus, 
1031 Investor

PDF: Why you should use The Experts instead of the other guys for your client’s 1031 exchange.

...their demeanor and keen customer spirit kept us afloat!


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gorman:

I am writing this letter to amplify what I am confident you already know: that you have two very fine individuals in your organization. Their people skills are second to none. Here's a short story so you can appreciate just how fortunate you are to have these two exemplary individuals working for you.

My wife and were new to this experience and had never done a 1031 exchange before. For us, it was uncharted waters capable of sinking our expectations of a smooth process to use our money wisely. We came close to crashing on the rocks, but both Ginger and Bridget threw us a 'life preserver' in their demeanor and keen customer spirit that kept us afloat during the entire process.

As Ginger so aptly summed it up in one of our many telephone conversations, "...a 1031 can be scary...." Please know that were it not for the patience and empathy shown by both Ginger and Bridget during this entire process, the sleep lost because of a venture into the unknown involving a significant sum of money for our family would have doubled.


Kevin Johnson
1031 Investor
Royal Palm Beach, Florida

Please convey to Ginger and Bridget the appreciation of the Johnson Family for their time and patience during the past several months. I want you to know how fortunate you are to have two such superb members of your team working in tandem to the satisfaction of a 1031 Exchange Expert client.

I can't begin to tell you what a pleasure it is doing business with The Experts!

I have done four 1031 exchanges in the last few years, and I used The 1031 Exchange Experts for each one with complete confidence. Every transaction has been handled very professionally; all of my questions answered; all my phone calls returned.

You are very knowledgeable and conscientious of every transaction. I cannot tell you how nervous I was when my last transaction was a Reverse Exchange -- and every time I talked to you I felt at ease, knowing that you would make certain everything was in order. And that you did! You contacted the real estate and the title companies on my behalf; the mortgages company the accountant's office, too! Tell me if THAT isn't a comfort knowing you are doing business with a company that is so thorough and conscientious! I have no reservations recommending The Experts!

You can also add me to the Tee-Shots program. I have visited your website several times, and found it to be very informative.

Thank you once again for all your help.

Thanks and have a great day!

Jan Metzler 
1031 Investor
Clinton Township, Michigan