More than just 1031 email....

Last week my wife was in a little fender-bender here in Denver (no one hurt and no damage to her car, thank God). In the process of exchanging information, the driver of the other car recognized her!

It turns out he’s been receiving 1031Tee-Shots regularly for the last three years. It also turns out that he is currently in the middle of a 1031 exchange with one of his own properties but is using another intermediary: someone he doesn’t know, located in another city.

When I heard this, it struck me that here was a guy who has substantial personal knowledge of us; someone with whom we have made a lot of effort to educate and build a relationship. Yet when it came time to do a 1031 exchange, he didn’t think of us. Most of you who receive our Tee-Shots are in professions that sell a service. Regardless of whether you are a Realtor®, banker, lender, attorney or CPA, you are selling yourself and your business. So are we.

Perhaps many of you, like my wife’s new acquaintance, think of us as ‘technical experts’ for §1031, but don’t connect the dots that our business is to be a Qualified Intermediary for 1031 exchanges. That’s what we do—that’s all that we do. It just so happens that because of our vast 1031 exchange knowledge and experience we are also technical experts, and Tee-Shots are how we keep you informed of developments in the industry.

The bottom line is we want your 1031 exchanges—we want your business! So please, the next time you have an exchange, call us.

PS: If you see my wife on the road . . . . please give her a little more room? :-D

--The Experts

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