1031 EXCHANGES vs. Qualified Opportunity Zone Investments

The Tax Reform Act of 2017 created “Qualified Opportunity Zones” to promote investments in low income communities across the United States. The Qualified Opportunity Fund, or, “QOF,” was created to give investors capital gains tax reduction or elimination to encourage economic growth in specific areas. There are two similarities between QOFs and 1031 Exchanges: 1. they’re both tax-gain deferral strategies (and sometimes even tax elimination!), and 2. the investments must be made within 180 days from the sale of the Old Property. There’s where the similarities end. If a taxpayer decides to invest in a QOF after starting a 1031 Exchange with a Qualified Intermediary, the access to the 1031 proceeds is limited until one of two things happen: 1. If no replacement 1031 property is identified by the investor by the forty-fifth day of the exchange, the funds can be released on the forty-sixth day of the exchange. OR 2.

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