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Gary Gorman, Founder and Managing Partner

Gary Gorman has over 40 years of real estate tax experience. He received his BS degree in Accounting from Mankato State University in Mankato, Minnesota in 1972. He received his CPA certificate from the State of Minnesota in 1978. He has over 10 Years of Big 6 CPA firm experience where he served as a tax manager with Price Waterhouse & Company.

Gary served as an instructor in taxation for Price Waterhouse & Company and at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. Additionally, Gary has developed and taught numerous continuing education seminars on 1031 exchanges nationwide. His seminars have focused on all aspects of 1031 exchanges and he is a recognized national expert on complicated exchanges. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and real estate symposiums.

Gary has written extensively on 1031 exchanges and is the acclaimed author of the popular book, "Exchanging UP!", which is why they say he is "Writing the book on 1031 exchanges...” Gary's articles have been published nationwide, and he has been quoted in a number of publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Sun-Times, Forbes, and Bloomberg's Wealth Manager. He has written the 1031 sections for real estate authors Donald Trump and Rich Dad/Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki. Gary is also recognized by the Federal Courts as an Expert Witness in 1031 tax issues.

Gary is the author of the "Six Basic Things You Need to Know About 1031 Exchanges," and has developed such revolutionary exchange systems as, which helps real estate investors locate Realtors® with 1031 education in specific cities across the USA; "1031TaxPak," a tool to help clients to report their exchange on their income tax returns; and "1031Access" which allows clients to see the details of their separate exchange accounts online.

Gary Gorman on his restored '70 Le Jeuene in the 2007 Tour de Cure.
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Gary Gorman
Author, Lecturer, Managing Partner
Real Estate Tax Specialist since 1972

"...I've learned a lot from Gary..."

"...Gary Gorman, a brilliant educator on the subject of 1031 exchanges.... I've learned a lot from Gary. He knows his business better than anyone I've met...."

Robert Kiyosaki,
Author, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"



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